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Alternatives to 1Tap Cleaner (clear cache, and history log)

1Tap Cleaner (clear cache and history record) is an application that helps you get more free space for internal phone storage by deleting apps, cached files, data files, search history, map history, mail history electronic, clipboard data, download history, and other files like private notes, documents, internet browsing history, passwords, addresses and many others. It provides you with a complete record of your phone’s storage in the form of attractive graphics and colorful charts, allowing you to locate unnecessary files properly.

1Tap Cleaner (clear cache and history log) allows other interesting functions such as automatically clearing the cache when the device is low on internal storage space, notify if the applications used a cache size greater than the specified value, highlight or uninstall the heavy application and many others. It informs you as an alert in the form of a notification about the improper operation of a particular application so that you can access it from any screen on your device.

1Tap Cleaner (clear cache and history log) Alternatives



iShredder is a feature-rich application that is introduced to safely delete your important data leaving it unrecoverable and protects against falling into malicious hands. When you simply delete your data like photos, documents, videos, and others from your smartphone, you can easily retrieve or restore it until the data itself has been overwritten by using certified secure deletion algorithms. It works in three steps, such as selecting the data you want to erase, choosing a secure erase process, starting the erasing process.

iShredder is mainly used by high-profile security agencies because the data that is deleted with it cannot be recovered with any technique. Therefore, it is very necessary to delete all your important files when you sell your smartphones to anyone. Before erasing all your data, it shows the total size of the data along with its location where it is present.

Blancco’s Secure Data Eraser

Blancco Secure Data Eraser is easy-to-use software that is designed for major leading organizations of all sizes to resell, respond to, or safely dispose of drives when they have reached the end of their useful life for security, compliance and CSR reasons. . When you simply delete your data from the hard drive of your smartphone or emulator, you can easily get it back with simple tricks that can be used in harmful activities.

Blancco Secure Data Eraser persuades you to erase all data on hard disk and solid state drives by using random data overwrite passes on the entire logical capacity of the disk instead of compressing the data like the other platforms of traditional removal. After disposing of the data, it leaves the drive-in in perfect condition for use and allows you to recycle or reuse the asset. Another classic feature of this platform includes proprietary Solid State Drive Erase, permanently erase data from multiple drives at once, automate hard drive erasure process to remove BIOS freeze locks, and many others.

Jihosoft Mobile Privacy Eraser

Jihosoft Mobile Privacy Eraser is one of the smart data deletion tools that allows the safe and easy way to erase contacts, call logs, messages, videos, photos, applications from smart devices, leaving no possibility to recover your data for that may not be used in destructive activities. You don’t need to have additional technical skills to erase all your necessary data when you change your smartphone; you just have to select or scan all the data.

The key feature of this platform includes Jihosoft Mobile Privacy Eraser which allows five modern multi-erase algorithms for the deletion process because the higher the level of the algorithm you use in your process, the less chance of recovering the deleted data. As a result, it shows the total size or location of the data where it is present, chooses the appropriate removal process, and starts the process with just one click.

Android Dr.Fone Data Eraser

Dr.fone Android Data Eraser is one of the smart Android data erasers that persuades you to protect your privacy by permanently erasing deleted files, clearing browsing history, caches, and defending your personal information. The main advantage of this platform includes the permanent deletion of data from different units in a short time, it allows a digitally signed erasure certificate for auditing and compliance. During internal data erasure processes, you observe various errors, RAID stripping and passing, and many others.

Dr.Fone Android Data Eraser completely and permanently cleans all personal files present on the phone drive, such as contacts, messages, photos, call logs, calendars, application data and many others. Before deleting all the data, it shows the size of the data in the form of a color chart along with its location, which is not offered by other traditional alternatives.

Android Coolmuster Eraser

Coolmuster Android Eraser is one of the ideal data eraser tools that is developed to remove all your personal information from your Android devices without leaving any chance of recovery and make your device completely clean. Before you go to resell, donate or trade your old Android phone, it is very necessary to erase your important data because it can be used in any harmful activity. It allows you to delete all your data such as existing files, deleted files, and also restore Android system to factory settings.

Coolmuster Android Eraser offers three progressive levels for data selection; First, it quickly and efficiently removes all data in seconds, then provides random data pass to overwrite your existing and deleted Android data, leaving no trace of deletion after deletion. Basically, it is highly recommended if you have stored your private data on your Android phone such as bank records, passwords, debit or credit card details and many others.

Shreddit – Data Eraser

Shreddit – Data Eraser is one of the powerful applications that offers you the opportunity to completely erase all your data that cannot be revered with any technique. Basically it is used when you are going to sell your old phone and you want to delete your valuable data so that it is not used in criminal activities. Compared to other software, it uses smart chips for data destruction, which enables great time efficiency when erasing. The key feature of this platform is that it uses a high level of algorithm removal because the higher the level of the algorithms, the lower the chance of data recovery.

Shreddit – Data Eraser uses modern techniques that are developed to work with the device’s internal or external storage with optimized window sizes to shred data efficiently and reliably. It works in two progressive steps, first erase all your data like delete private notes, internet history, passwords, address, contact book, photos, videos, calendars and many others and then re-scan the drive and delete the thumbnails or others social media data in seconds.

safe eraser

Secure Eraser is one of the modern security applications that relies on the overwrite method, allowing you to completely destroy all electronic data that is present on your hard drive or other digital media. It is mainly used when you want to resell or gift your phone to someone; It is very important to get rid of all your data so that it is not used in negative activities. The basic feature of this platform is that it allows file deletion commands that not only remove direct pointers to data disk sectors, but also make data recovery impossible with some traditional data recovery software.

Unlike other software, which makes the storage media useless, it deletes data including private notes, Internet history, passwords, address, contact book, photos, videos, calendars and many others, while leaving the disk running, preserving the assets and the IT environment.

SHREDDER: permanent deletion

SHREDDER: Permanent Delete is an application that was introduced to provide secure file deletion and safe erasure of free space from your Android device, without leaving a single file on it. Basically, traditional data deletion operations like formatting and flashing will not completely remove data from a device; instead, they will hide this data that can be accessed with any data recovery software. It is mostly used when you hand over your phone to resell on the market and you need to get rid of all your data so it is not used in other bad activities.

The main feature of this platform is that it uses high quality algorithms to delete content such as British baseline HMG IS5, NSA 130-2, Russian GOST p50739, US Army AR380-19 and many others due to the high quality of less algorithms. the possibility of data recovery. Other cool features find and erase content like data including private notes, internet history, passwords, address, contact book, photos, videos, calendars and many others.

Safe deletion

Secure Wipe Out is a multi-threaded technology based application that allows you to wipe all your data in seconds with the speed of 20MB per second, which is not offered by the other leading data wipe software. It uses a multi-grade file shredder which ensures that no software recovers the deleted data. In general, it resonates when someone wants to give their phone away; it is required to delete all private data so that it cannot be used in destructive activities. Because the operation you perform like formatting, flashing, erasing will not completely erase the data, which can be revered by any software.

Secure Wipe Out works in several progressive steps; First, it scans the general data, displays an extensive list of files along with their mentioned location, and removes them in seconds. After deletion, re-scan the drive and delete thumbnails, social media account data, and many others.

permanently delete files

Permanent file deletion is one of the smart applications developed to permanently delete all your valuable data that cannot be recovered by any technique. Some people try to get their data back when they sell their phone and use data in harmful activities. The main feature of this platform is that it implements fast shredding algorithms, which shreds the data in seconds and makes your device completely clean.

Permanent file deletion provides other classic features such as no data limitation, easy control of data deletion process, safe eraser for videos, custom gallery, and many others. Through its classic interface, it offers you to get rid of media in multiple appropriate steps like; first, it allows you to delete all the videos present on your disk, then it allows you to delete photos and then it deletes other data such as private notes, documents, internet history, passwords, address, contact book, photos, videos, calendars, and many others .

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