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Alternatives to Pepakura Designer

Pepakura Designer is a software that allows you to create three-dimensional graphics by displaying a polygonal mesh. Before using this, you must have digital data that can be imported from your system or cloud in multiple formats including GIF, JPG, BMP, and EPS among others.

Once the digital data is imported, you can create a small modal pattern on its own with a single user click. This can be user edited or you can even choose to create your own modal from scratch. There is a wide range of tool sets to help you here, as with these tools a user can crop, cut and rotate objects, adjust their sizes, manipulate the thickness and color of lines, among many other things. Assistance is also provided through ID numbers provided to the edges that help users to match the correct set of edges. Some of the main features include powerful analytics, custom settings, preview support, data export, undo / redo buttons,

Pepakura Designer alternatives


Unfold3D is graphic design software that allows you to transform 3D mesh modal to UV map. To use this, you must first import a 3D model from your local or cloud storage. You can thoroughly edit the imported 3D modal by converting it to a UV map. This can be done with a single click on the dedicated button on the toolbar. The output of this can be configured according to user preferences.

This software comes with a very powerful set of tools with which you can perform operations such as adjusting shapes and sizes, viewing measurements, performing calculations, adding colors, changing locations, and adding textures, to name a few. Some of its key features include file options, undo / redo function, save file options, keyboard and mouse mapping, ability to view 3D designs by moving the cursor, graphical interface, user guides, and smooth workflow.

Autodesk 123D

Autodesk 123D is free 3D modeling software for 2D and 3D modeling solutions for DIY projects. This software integrates the features of sharing and collaborating with the other team members in case of a joint project. The options available in Autodesk 123D are certainly endless.

It is for those who want to make the 3D models and other objects by themselves. However, it is also listed with many 3D models so that users can easily create their projects without having to create the models first. Autodesk 123D is free, simple CAD software that integrates with content and manufacturing services.

For the first time, there is a CAD program that will allow you to generate 3D models from photos. Do you have any ideas in mind about creating claws, hands, feet, wings, fins, or paws and want to visualize them like a pro, then Autodesk 123D is the name of an easy-to-use CAD software that will allow you to create amazing 3D Sculptures of scratches.

Drawing with Autodesk 123D is simple and starts from a basic skeleton. Skeleton Sculpture Maker will help you create 3D sculpture as easy as drawing a stick figure. Drag the joints to create new limbs or adjust their thickness and position. In the area of ​​sculpture, you can refine the shape of the surface using a wide range of tools. It can perform so many functions about sculpting inward or outward, smoothing, sharpening, and flattening to complete your sculpting.

Ultimate Papercraft 3D

Ultimate Papercraft 3D is software used to convert three-dimensional models into paper drawings. Its advanced toolset allows you to display 3D models and organize your design by cutting and moving objects, adding text, and changing their shapes, textures, and colors. You can carefully examine the 3D model from all angles, helping you to identify the corresponding parts when you need to assemble in papercraft mode.

This software also identifies these parts automatically and you can put them together with a single click. Multitasking is encouraged with its feature that allows you to unfold and organize different parts of the model in up to four separate compartments. Some of its many features include easy-to-use interface, print option, support for multiple file formats during import, user help, data export and storage, flap addition and alignment, bitmap support, undo / redo and measurement tools.

 Ultimate Unwrap 3D

Ultimate Unwrap 3D is a software used to convert 3D models into UV maps by unfolding and unwrapping the initial one. To use this application, a user must import a 3D model from an external source. Support for a wide range of formats is provided here i.e DAE, LWO. DXF, FBX and DirectX. Multiple UV maps can be imported at the same time. It comes with a very large set of tools that allows users to move and rotate objects, add colors and textures to them, change their shapes and sizes, among many others.

Similarly, various features are provided for functions such as UV mapping projections, measurement display, and combined connection points for unwrapped modals. Some of its amazing features include an easy-to-use interface, support for all windows starting from Windows XP, data export, demo version, plugin compatibility, skin mapping, custom shortcuts, UV map update in real time. , 3D painting, undo / redo and Automation.

Dunreeb Cutout

Dunreeb Cutout is an application and plug-in for 3D computer graphics software, such as Maya and Maxon, that converts 3D models into sheet-of-paper versions. You can unwrap a 3D model with a single click, after which a user can cut and stitch it together. Other functions like adjusting polygons, colors, tones, textures, effects and lightning can also be performed through its advanced toolset. Users can even move objects, change their shapes, sizes, and view measurements.

You can even perform direct operations by putting the desired output in the tables. Cross-platform compatibility, page duplication, paste and number suggestions, demo version, undo / redo options, support for multiple file formats, SVG export, automation, data import / export and print option are some of its features.

Uvmapper Pro

Uvmapper Pro is software used to convert n-sided 3D models into UV maps after unwrapping. These unwrapped models can be re-modified according to user needs. There are different customizable viewports for 2D and 3D models that you can interact with and view from all angles by moving the cursor. regardless of the mapping mode, be it spherical, cylindrical, polar or flat.

Its powerful toolkit allows users to adjust the shape and size of objects at the triangle and polygon levels. Advanced texture mapping is also compatible with tools like Subdivision Surfaces and Relax UV. A simple user interface, preview options, user help, selection tools, file saving, file management, zoom option, lasso tool, demo version and undo option are some of its auxiliary features.

 DXF2 papercraft

DXF2papercraft is software that converts a 3D polygonal modal to a 2D drawing as long as the original 3D model is saved to a DXF file. You can unfold the entire 3D model with just one click. Each edge of the polygon can be reconnected with a glue tab that is assigned to each of them. To help the user, each edge has a counterpart with the same number connecting all of which will recreate the original 3D model.

However, it is imperative that you have a 3D modeling program that can export to a DXF file before using this software. With the advanced toolset, you can also perform other functions, such as adjusting shapes and sizes of polygons, removing objects, and adding colors, among many others. DNX file output, command line interface, user-friendly material design, blender compatibility, and print option are some of its notable features.


Unfolder is a graphical editing application that can transform your 3D mesh models into 2D patches. Unfold operations can be performed with a single click with good results. With its advanced tools, users can detach and join patches, as well as edit, change, and delete flaps. All these activities can be done with a drag and drop mechanism. Multiple changes can be made at once by placing the desired variables in the tables or by selecting all the switches and tabs. As they do so, users can even see their measurements.

The application even allows the user to change the color, thickness and stroke of the cut lines, ridge fold and valley fold. Separate viewers for 3D and 2D models, automation, quick response, user-friendly interface, multi-format support during data import / export, print option, undo / redo button, smooth workflow, makeover, edit textures, joint identification and minimal errors are some of its modest characteristics.


Foldify is an application that converts your 3D models into 2D drawings. These 3D figures can be created on another platform and then imported. Users can choose from a variety of 3D models that are automatically converted in UV mode from the application’s own library. Both variants can be viewed on the screen simultaneously, where users can add colors and edit their shapes and sizes by moving flaps and patches.

The preview of any changes made to the 2D figure is viewed in the respective 3D model in real time. Users can even add images from their personal gallery or stamps from the app’s own library. Print option, print size settings, simple user layout, sharing options, easy save, figure rotation, and smooth workflow are some of its important features.

UV Design

UVLayout is an advanced graphic design tool used to create UV textures on 3D model pliers and subdivision surfaces. With its advanced toolset, users can select any individual polygon or the line that joins them and edit, replace or delete them, as well as change their shapes and sizes. It even allows these models to be turned into a 2D figure where users can add additional textures or colors to them. Some of its cool features include simple interface, 360-degree view of figures, custom hotkeys, copy tab button, attribute upload option, calculation tools, file management, import / export of data, preview and dynamics option, effects and lighting.

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