Best headphones to listen to music at a good price


If you are passionate about music and you don’t want anything or anyone to bother you while you listen to your favorite songs, you will know very well that the best option is to get some good headphones and isolate yourself from the world with them. Now, what are the best headphones for listening to music that are sold right now? Would you like to know? In that case, you just have to keep reading, we will tell you!

What should be considered when buying music headphones?

When buying headphones with which to buy music, you have to look mainly at 3 aspects :

1. Sound quality

It is practically the most important thing in headphones with which we want to enjoy music. The quality of the sound depends on different factors, especially the transducers (their quality and size), the internal amplifier they have, the type of connectivity they use and the DAC .

Regarding the transducers, the larger they are, the better the headphones will reproduce the bass frequencies. If they also have a driver for treble and another for bass, the sound will be clearer.

In relation to the internal amplifiers , it is normal that the house does not give information about them. But you have to look at the impedance (ohms) , which is the resistance to the flow of electric current. The lower the impedance, the higher the volume.

It is also important to pay attention to the sensitivity , which refers to the ease of excitation of the transducer, and is usually limited to 100 dB . And it is also necessary to analyze that the frequency response is wide , at least from 20 Hz to 20 Hz .

On the other hand, although for reasons of comfort today wireless models are very popular, it is true that if it is a wired model there could be less interference . However, there are currently very valid options such as bluetooth , which offers Hi-Fi quality wirelessly.

However, check that they have compatibility with aptX and LDAC , technologies designed for the transmission of high-quality stereo audio in real time. And if it is better noise-canceling headphones , because they will isolate from the sounds that occur around.

2. Design

According to the design of the headphones, we find the following types :

  • In-ear : they are inserted into the ear canal to achieve a better isolation effect.
  • Earphones (earphones) : they are inside the ear, and are usually small, light and cheap. However, they do not usually offer Hi-Fi sound.
  • Supraaural : These are the typical headband headphones. They usually provide good sound and comfort.
  • Circumaural : they are larger than the supraaural, which allows the auditory pavilion to be collected inside, to achieve greater isolation. Having more space, they usually integrate larger drivers. They are further divided into:
    • Closed circumaural : the transducer is inside a closed enclosure, which makes it easy to keep noise out and in.
    • Open circumaural : in this case the driver is connected to the outside, allowing a sharper and cleaner sound in the mids and highs, and greater control in the bass. On the contrary, sound can escape and they isolate less.

3. Materials

The cheapest headphones are usually made of plastic materials . Instead, the most luxurious usually combine metal and natural leather .

In any case, the important thing is that they are comfortable, light, resistant and well padded , regardless of the material used in their manufacture.


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