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Today the number of products available on the market is such that many people find it very difficult to choose which room humidifier to choose, since not everyone has the time to investigate and review all the options. To prevent you from being disappointed and ending up buying a poor quality humidifier that breaks down in a short time, I have carried out a mini market investigation and I will tell you my opinions below.

Still don’t know which one to choose? In this buying guide our analysts have reviewed several options and after exhaustive exclusions they have selected the best quality-price room humidifiers . We also show you a comparative table that will allow you to see in detail each of the models that we recommend; a buying guide with all the tools that will help you choose the ideal model for you.

1. Philips HU480

The well-known Philips brand offers an interesting range of room humidifiers, among which the HU4803 stands out. It is a modern device with “intelligent” evaporation technology that traps dust and humidifies the environment in a single step.

It has a very attractive minimalist design and is very easy to use . Something that some people find annoying is that the filters must be changed every 3 months, but the truth is that doing so does not take much time and I at least prefer disposable filters because they give me greater safety and hygiene.


If you want to place your humidifier on the nightstand or on a shelf, the InnoBeta Waterdrop model is undoubtedly an option to consider since it is the smallest of those that we show you here, but at the same time it offers very attractive features.

It has an LED light in 7 tones so it also works as a lamp to give your room a special atmosphere , its 360° rotating nozzle allows you to place the steam outlet in the most convenient direction and it has a stone filter that cleans the impurity air.

 TaoTronics AH016ES

An artifact with a sober appearance thanks to its design with stylized lines and which also offers many useful features. It has the ability to be used as a scent diffuser   or simply to scent a room.

Something that is very comfortable is that it includes a remote control so you can operate it from anywhere in the room without getting up from your seat. Its water tank is covered with an antibacterial material that prevents mold from forming. And it is also available on sale on the Amazon website


It is one of the best-selling models on Amazon and it is easy to see why: it offers a large number of functions at an extremely competitive price , since it works in both cold and hot mist modes, it has the ability to be used as an aroma diffuser and It is also an ionizer.

Its water tank of about 4 liters allows it to work for a long time before it needs to be recharged , lasting up to 24 continuous hours emitting a fine and pleasant vapor.

Beurer LB 88

Within the Room Humidifiers that we analyze today, this model stands out for its professional-level features . It works with a combination of ultrasonic and evaporative technologies that make it highly efficient.

It has a 6-liter water tank, which, although it makes it a bit awkward to move when full, gives it an enviable autonomy , it can even be used for several days without the need to add more liquid.

Feloyal Mini Humidifier, USB Powered Portable Humidifiers

Two spray modes This mini humidifier contains two spray modes, namely continuous spray and intermittent spray (can be set by short pressing the power switch). Continuous spray time is up to 4 hours and intermittent spray time is up to 6 hours. You can relax and enjoy a moment of leisure. Silent operation and night light function Silent operation below 30dB can achieve quiet humidification without disturbing your sleep and work. A good tool to prevent dryness. Optional night light settings, warm white lights and cool colorful lights (can be set by long pressing the power switch).

Timer shut-off function When the water level is low, all spray modes will automatically turn off to avoid potential safety hazards. In continuous spray mode, it will automatically turn off after 4 hours. In intermittent spray mode, it will automatically shut down after 6 hours.

What should you take into account before buying a room humidifier?

1. Power consumption

Of course, nobody wants a device that significantly increases their electricity consumption and in the long run results in an additional expense month after month (in addition to the fact that by increasing energy consumption we damage the environment), taking this into account, I have chosen the 5 products of which I have spoken to you today, among other things, because they are the most economical in the long run, since they all have low power consumption.

2. noise

Many people use air humidifiers mainly at night, as they help them sleep and prevent allergies and nasal congestion, helping you breathe better, so you have to take into account the level of noise they generate, since in old models or poor manufacturing it can become so high that it makes it difficult to sleep, especially when used in higher power settings or in combination with the functions of ionization, filtering, diffusion of essences, etc.

3. Additional features

Some of these products offer extra features such as the ability to act as a diffuser, ionizer etc. It is nice to use diffusers for aromatherapy or to perfume your home, other models offer antibacterial systems that help eliminate pathogens from the environment, although some buyers prefer to skip the additional functions and save a few euros with a simpler model.

4. Capacity

That a room humidifier has a large capacity water tank means that it will have many hours of autonomy but on the other hand it will make it more inconvenient to move if you need to change its place. So you should take this point into account depending on your needs



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