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When we talk about the PC, not everything is gaming peripherals dedicated to playing. There are many of us who use the PC as a work tool , and although sometimes we want to find a combination between comfort and utility for games, if you are one of those who write a lot of texts with the keyboard, you will be interested in knowing which are the most comfortable keyboards in the world. market , with which to spend hours and hours writing without getting tired.

As usual, when preparing this list of what, for us, are the most comfortable keyboards on the keyboard, we have taken into account different factors when choosing, and not just because the experts say that a keyboard is ergonomic and therefore produces less fatigue , but also from personal experience.

So if you are people who use your keyboard daily to the point where writing is your way of life, you should consider an ergonomic keyboard, time and therefore the years will thank you, as well as the articulation of your hands .

Best keyboards for typing comfort

Having seen what are the aspects that matter most to us when preparing this list, we are going to tell you which are, in our opinion, the most comfortable keyboards on the market (keep in mind that it is not a list of all the comfortable keyboards on the market). market, but of those that we consider to be more comfortable than others to spend many hours writing with them).

Best Cheap Keyboard for typing comfort (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000)

This keyboard stands out for its contoured shape , in the form of a wave, and with the keys slightly tilted to the sides so that the position of the arms and wrists is more natural. In addition, since it has an integrated wrist rest , it will prevent even more fatigue when writing, although it is true that with this non-standard form it has a fairly long adaptation time until we get used to it. Now, once we get used to it, we can spend hours and hours using it without consequences for our health.

The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 has standard membrane switches , so the actuation point and the force that we will have to exert on the keys is average, lower in any case than any mechanical keyboard. Also, it is quit

Best Affordable  Keyboard for typing comfort (Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic)

This keyboard is a more modern version of the previous one, which shares the same shape but has been simplified to have a slim format . Instead of membrane switches, this keyboard makes use of scissor-type switches , so the actuation point and the pressure that we will have to exert on the keys are even lower. As if this were not enough, it has an elevator for the part of the wrist rest, making it one of the most comfortable keyboards on the market. In addition, it is wireless and even quieter than the previous one.

Best Price  Keyboard for typing comfort (Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K740)

This keyboard, despite having a standard straight layout, is also one of the most comfortable keyboards on the market because it has everything else: very quiet, low-actuation, scissor-switch keys, wrist rest, and riser on the back, and slim format . In addition, it has a very attractive design and lighting.

The bad part of this keyboard is that it is difficult to find it with the Spanish distribution, since Logitech recently discontinued it in favor of its wireless version, the Logitech K800, but this one has membrane switches and not scissors, so it does not it’s so comfortable

Best Recommended Keyboard for typing comfort (Corsair K70 MK.2 RGB Low Profile RapidFire)

This is the only mechanical eyboard on the list, but because it features low-profile Cherry MX Speed ​​LP switches. Thanks to the fact that its actuation point is very small, and that you do not have to exert much pressure on the keys to activate them, it becomes very comfortable to use it typing for a long time, especially thanks to its removable wrist rest, so we have wanted to include it because it represents a very good balance between comfort and functionality , especially for games.

Best Top Rated  Keyboard for typing comfort (Perixx Periduo 505)

It is a vertical keyboard and mouse kit that we cannot pass up for its quality/price. And it is that it has a number of keys divided into two areas that facilitate writing and the correct position of our hands. It has a magnetic wrist rest, a four-position central control, three totally different heights to suit our needs and of course a vertical mouse that will allow us greater comfort on our forearm.

With these five keyboards, which we consider to be among the most comfortable on the market to write for many hours, you have several options to choose the one that best suits your needs, although logically comfort is something subjective and there will be those who prefer other types of keyboards because they appear more comfortable in everyday use.

What features to look at for typing comfort?

When buying an ergonomic keyboard that is most comfortable for us, we have to take into account a series of characteristics that differentiate it from the rest and that will end up making our hands not be burdened by continuous use, especially if we have a problem postural or articulatory, but we need to use these keyboards for our daily work.

The most comfortable keyboards have wrist rests

It may seem silly, but if a keyboard is not slim and does not have a wrist rest , it will force us to have our wrists turned too high. At first it is not something that is too noticeable, but as the hours go by, or sometimes even minutes, we begin to suffer not only tiredness in the wrists from having them in an unnatural position, but even so much pain from having the wrists resting on the table, as by the position of these, tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome may occur

This is the most obvious: the more travel the mechanism has and the more force you have to exert to activate it, the more effort each press will cost. It may seem like a small thing, but when you spend hours and hours writing these thousands of small efforts end up producing fatigue .

For this reason, mechanical keyboards are generally not very suitable for typing all day, except perhaps low profile or Cherry MX Silver switches , which have a very low activation point. A good membrane keyboard or even scissor-type switches produce much less fatigue.


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