Best mouse for long hours


Those of us who spend a lot of time working in front of a computer know that there are four things that are essential. The mouse is one of them.

This is being told to you by someone who has broken his hand and wrist in several different places. Mice play a very important role in our posture, the tension of our hand, our arm, our shoulder… Finding the right mouse is essential so that those eight, ten, twelve or the hours you are working are as comfortable as possible

What is a mouse?

In our opinion, the great advantage of wireless mice is their comfort. By eliminating the cable, the mouse is easier to move, which results in greater comfort for the user. In addition, we will avoid the typical entanglements. There are basically two types of wireless mice: those with a USB receiver and those that work with Bluetooth, such as a wireless headset .

Within wireless mice, we can find optical and laser models. Both types work by bouncing a beam of light off the surface, which is reflected by a photocell. In turn, a chip processes the changes in the position of the mouse, translating these into the movements of the cursor on the screen.

What types of wireless mice are there?

wireless desktop mouse

They are best suited for activities such as work or study. They tend to have sober and functional designs, and are larger than laptop mice. They connect to the computer either with a USB receiver or through Bluetooth technology, although there are models that offer both options. In many comparisons and opinions, mice with rechargeable batteries stand out.

Almost all wireless PC mice are plug & play , meaning you don’t need to install any software to use them. There are models for left-handers, although there is not as much variety as for right-handers.

wireless mouse for gamers

Gaming mice are indicated for gamers looking for devices with high responsiveness, resistance and durability. This type of mouse is more sensitive than a generic one, in addition to allowing you to customize its buttons with various functions. They are more comfortable than a PC mouse, as most are ergonomic.

Another feature of gaming mice is that many have LED lighting. This doesn’t really offer a better gaming experience, but the mouse looks much nicer this way. Wireless gaming mice are usually much more expensive than wired ones.

Ergonomic wireless mouse

Wireless mice are indicated for people who spend many hours in front of the computer. If you spend more than five hours a day, consider getting one. Unlike conventional models, ergonomic wireless mice are held vertically. In this way, both the hand and the wrist adopt a more natural posture, reducing discomfort and preventing injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome .

The best ergonomic mice offer the possibility to control more functions with their configurable buttons than a conventional model. Its price is usually quite high, but, in the opinion of experts, it is a worthwhile investment.

Top mouse for long hours

Logitech MX Vertical

If the previous one is the mouse that I have used the longest, this is the mouse that I currently use (as long as I do not use the trackpad). And honestly, it’s the one I like to use the most.

Not only because it’s so comfortable and fits perfectly in my hand or posture, but because Logitech’s control software is amazing. Custom controls by application, adaptive pointer speed… Its four extra buttons are a perfect complement to program keyboard shortcuts such as cut and paste, change tab Operating system Windows y Mac extra features 4 extra buttons, extra fast charging, adjustable speed

Logitech M185

The compact Logitech M185 mouse, available in five designs, works via radio frequency with a small 2.4 GHz USB receiver. It is ambidextrous, so it can be used by left-handed people. This optical mouse has a sensitivity of 1000 DPI and includes an integrated battery that offers an autonomy of one year thanks to its intelligent suspension. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux.

Designed especially for laptops, the Logitech M185 wireless mouse has a rubber coating that makes it easy to grip. The reviews highlight its unbeatable value for money, its autonomy, its small size and the speed in pairing with the equipment. In other reviews, it is warned that its sensitivity may be somewhat fair for users who require a lot of precision and speed.

HP 200 RF

The HP 200 RF Wireless Mouse has a sensitivity of 1000 DPI, which is typical for optical models. It is ambidextrous, compact and has an ergonomic design that is comfortable and easy to grip. It works with a 2.4 GHz nano RF receiver that we can leave plugged into the USB port of the laptop. Thanks to its lug & play technology , you can use it right away.

With unbeatable reviews, the HP 200 RF Wireless Compact Mouse stands out for its manageability and good level of sensitivity. This allows fluid and precise cursor movement. Although it is designed for laptops, it is also suitable for desktop computers, although for games it falls quite short. In some opinions, users warn that the sensitivity cannot be adjusted and that the red light can be somewhat annoying.

Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed

The Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed ​​wireless mouse could not be missing from our comparison, as it is one of the best wireless mice according to the opinion of many gamers . Extremely sensitive, it has an optical sensor of up to 16,000 points per inch that we can adjust in five levels. It has a dual connection: radio frequency and Bluetooth. Using the latter, we can extend the autonomy of the mouse up to 450 hours. Its six easy-to-configure buttons have a lifespan of more than fifty million keystrokes.

User reviews and opinions underline its high responsiveness and accuracy, as well as its comfortable handling. It also highlights how easy all its parameters are to configure thanks to its Razer Synapse 3 application. In some opinions, however, users complain that the material and finishes could be better given its price

Microsoft Arc Mouse

A curious option is this ultra-thin mouse from Microsoft. An “ergonomic” mouse that allows you to adjust the arc it makes under your hand  I had the opportunity to try it recently and it seemed like a curious solution for the different shapes of the hand that each one of us has. However, I must say that I was not convinced. It takes more than just adjusting the angle of the mouse to make it truly comfortable. Quality 7/10 Comfort 6/10 Software the control No* Operating system Windows

Advantages of wireless mice


  • By not having a cable, a wireless mouse allows greater freedom of movement.
  • They allow the equipment to be controlled up to a distance of between ten and fifteen meters.
  • Both batteries and rechargeable batteries offer great autonomy.
  • RF and Bluetooth connections are just as fast and reliable as wired mice.
  • Some models can be used corded while their battery recharges.
  • High-end wireless mice allow induction charging.
  • According to those who use them, ergonomic cordless mice greatly reduce fatigue and discomfort.

Purchase criteria


In the opinion of many users, sensitivity is key when choosing a good wireless mouse. This can be indicated in DPI ( dots per inch ) or the equivalent in Spanish, PPP (dots per inch). While the most basic models offer resolutions between 500 and 800 dots per inch, the most sensitive mice reach 3000 DPI. In wireless mouse comparisons, models with adjustable DPI stand out.


As for the connection mode, there are two types of wireless mice: Bluetooth and radio frequency. The models with this last system are somewhat cheaper than Bluetooth mice. However, they require a nano receiver that occupies a USB port on the computer. Bluetooth mice do not need a receiver, since most computers already have this technology.

In general, Bluetooth mice are less affected by interference than RF models. The best wireless mice offer the possibility of connection by both Bluetooth and radio frequency. Some even allow you to be paired with multiple teams at the same time.


What is latency in wireless mice?

Latency is the time it takes a mouse from when we activate it until the command is executed on the computer. Latency is said to be high when commands take a long time to execute and low when they happen quickly. Although we are talking about milliseconds, that delay can be annoying if we are working or playing. In wireless mice it can be caused by interference or an outdated driver, among other reasons.

What are wireless ball mice like?

Unlike conventional mice, these devices use a ball on top to move the cursor. In this way, movements of the wrist and arm are reduced to a minimum. Also, less space is required to move the mouse. The best thing about this type of mouse is that the discomfort and injuries caused by prolonged use of these devices are reduced.

What are wireless 3D mice used for?

They are not usually present in the comparisons of the best wireless mice, but they have their uses. These devices are normally used by design professionals, especially in 3D modeling. This type of mouse has a control that facilitates the movement of the cursor in any direction in space. This is especially useful when designing game sets, 3D models, and animation. It is used in conjunction with a conventional mouse.


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