How to choose the best laptop backpack

Whether it is to go to work or to university, it is increasingly necessary to carry your computer with you, so you need a laptop backpack suitable for its characteristics that allows you to transport it comfortably and with the assurance that it does not suffer any damage.

In the market there are computer backpacks of all styles and colors. Below you will be able to read some keys about what you should look for when choosing one to adequately adapt to your needs.

Laptop Backpacks Size

All laptop backpacks have a compartment for computers. Before purchasing one, you should check if it is compatible with the size of yours. Always keep in mind that the compartments are usually larger than what the label indicates, so you can find one that, although it indicates a size of 15 inches, can be used for your laptop even if it measures 16.


You have to think about how much war you are going to give to your laptop backpack . It is not the same to use it exclusively to go to the office than to travel with it regularly. In this case, the risk of damage is greater, so you should choose one with a high degree of protection.


This depends on what you plan to carry in your laptop backpack . If you are only going to carry your computer , you will need a smaller capacity, but if you are going to use it to transport everything you will need throughout the day (notebooks, books, a tupper or a bottle of water, mobile phone, keys, etc.), its size will have to be larger. It is important that it has enough compartments so that you can carry your things in an organized way. The capacity will be indicated in liters in the product description.


Look at the amenities offered by the manufacturer , as they can be very useful depending on the use you are going to give them. Some backpacks have holes for the headphone cables, shoulder straps or padded backs so that you can carry them more comfortably, etc. It never hurts to read carefully the characteristics of what you are going to buy.


Make sure your laptop backpack is waterproof, both for the rain and for any type of humidity . It is something that can spoil your devices and anything you carry. Not all backpacks are waterproof, note that it is specified by the manufacturer.


Remember that, on many occasions, buying cheap is buying twice. Fortunately, nowadays, the internet allows us to know the opinions of other consumers and their experiences with the products. When it comes to buying a laptop backpack , educate yourself well so you don’t have to be upset later.

Best laptop backpacks

Below you can see some of the top rated laptop backpacks on Amazon.

Veesun Laptop Backpack

15.6-inch black computer backpack , has a USB charging port and is totally waterproof.

XQXA Laptop Backpack

Also suitable for computers up to 15.6 inches, this gray waterproof backpack features an anti-theft pocket, a headphone jack and a USB port

NEWHEY laptop backpack

Large backpack for laptops up to 17.3 inches, black, waterproof and with USB port, it is ideal both for travel and to take it to the office or to the university.


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