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Iconic Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is known to be a superwoman who has achieved her superpower status by fighting all odds. The diva, who is blessed with stupendous talent and beauty, also happens to have an equally beautiful persona. With sheer hard work and determination, Kareena kapoor has come up the ladder of success and reached a prominent place in Bollywood, which can be proved from her credits like Jab We Met (2007), Tashan (2008), Kurbaan (2009) and others. What makes Kareena special from others is not only because of being a successful actress but due to the various other reasons as well. In fact having a conversation with this charming lady you get impressed by her wit and knowledge.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Kareena will now be seen in Katti Batti from September 18, 2015 alongside Imran Khan. The actress is currently busy promoting her upcoming film Tashan with Sonakshi Sinha and Pulkit Samrat. Her last release was Bajrangi Bhaijaan .

BEGINNING OF THE INTERVIEW: A new face (Shubham) enters the room where Kareena Kapoor is sitting for an interview with India Today Television channel. Shubham has been given this task by Times Now channel to get some information on Kareena’s life and career details. But he seems to be too nervous about the whole thing; but once his question gets answered that makes him very happy.

A : “I know a lot has been said about me but people don’t use it in the right context. So I prefer not to comment on all that because it’s not going to make any difference.”

Q: What is your mantra for success?

A: “You have to be really good at what you do and you have to dedicate yourself to your craft as well as understand the business aspect of it as well”.

Q: How does Kareena handle failures?  And how did she manage herself during those times?

A: Well, I think nobody can stop destiny from happening so if something has been planned by God then no one can stop that. However, we should prepare ourselves and should use it as an opportunity to move on.

Q: How did Kareena get into acting? And did her parents initially accept her career?

What kind of films does Kareena like? Is there any particular genre that she prefers?

A: No, not at all! It really depends on what the character demands more than anything else. That is what matters for me while up a project. The scriptA: My mom (actress Rani Mukerji) was my inspiration and she motivated me to do this job. And yeah, I know it sounds weird but I am blessed with my family because they are very supportive; even today if I would have said no to any movie definitely they would understand that too.

Q: What is Kareena’s message for the youth of today?

A: Be focussed, always believe in yourself and never give up when things get tough. (At this point KareenA got very emotional)

A: I don’t think it’s good to talk about my personal life in public.

Q: Does the actress use social networking sites? If yes, then for what reason?

A: No, I will never ever do that!

With this being said, Shubham got carried away and began asking questions about her personal life. But Kareena politely refused to answer any of them by saying she is here to promote her upcoming film “Tashan”. However, Kareena did appreciate Shubham for his enthusiasm towards his work which was visible in his eyes when he asked the questions. The whole room became filled with laughter when he asked her how does she relax herself or handle anger issuesdue to fan following on social networking sites.

Q: Kareena, if you were not an actor, then what profession would you have chosen?

A: I used to be a dancer and I still am one! So probably dance teacher or something to that effect only. 

A: Yes, there was a time because of being so much into work I had no social life as well as no personal life at all. But now it’s fine as there are lot more options available to me so managing things is easier these days. And yes, initially my parents were worried about the way my career choices were going but they have always been very supportive her family members. It seems like this talented actress also has a kind heart unlike skeptics who think otherwise; she personally shook

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